Society and Politics

Conducting social research is the philosophy of an efficient management system

About the Sector

In the political public area, the study tools allow to obtain the understanding of the main tendencies of the social and cultural development of the country, separate social groups, to study the political moods and people’s expectations and to solve the specific social and political challenges

Challenges Solved
  • Evaluation of people’s moods and expectations, attitude towards high-profile incidents

  • Study of social and political situation

  • Study of style and quality of life of people

  • Determination of level of people’s satisfaction with activity of political institutions

  • Determination of significant for the electorate problems of the region

  • Evaluation of pre-election situations, establishment of ratings of political and public figures

  • Evaluation of results and consequences of election

  • Testing of campaign materials and evaluation of their efficiency

  • Reputation audit of political and public figures

  • Evaluation of work of regional, municipal authorities

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