Market and trend analysis

Make the successful investments based on the knowledge of the trends and the in-depth analysis

What we study
  • Evaluation of obstacles for market penetration
    • Evaluation of opportunities, scope and speed for competitors' market penetration
    • Evaluation of the payback period
    • Evaluation of the product and geographical boundaries of market
    • Analysis of the influence of foreign economic market conditions and globalized competition
    • Analysis of the factors connected with the activity of governmental authorities
    • Evaluation of obstacles for market penetration
  • Market potential assessment
    • Evaluation of the market size, market capacity and market share
    • Evaluation of the return on investments for companies planning the market penetration
  • Analysis of competitive environment
    • Reveal of actual and potential competitors
    • Determination of competitors' market positions
    • Analysis of advantages of competitors and their brands
    • Image of competitors' brands
    • Determination of nearest competitors in price segments
  • Market segmentation
    • Determination of vacant and/or most attractive market segments
    • Obtaining information about market geographical segments
    • Determination of price segments
    • Market structuring with regard to distribution channels, consumption volume, brand loyalty
    • Analysis of image niches
    • Optimization of brand position, selection of target segments
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