Assessment of Prospects for Participation in Electoral Campaign

About the project

The latest information about electoral activity, ratings, preferences of voters in the district, region, country is possible thanks to the electoral researches. They provide answers to both the standard pool of questions for this type of research and the grounds for solving unique problems.

In the research concerning the assessment of the prospects for participation in the electoral campaign for our client – the candidate for people’s deputies – we collected and analyzed information on the following issues:

  • Positions of the candidate and competitors
  • Assessment and perception by voters of the activities of public persons
  • Expectations from the candidate’s activities
  • Key problems of the district and ways to solve them
  • Strong points for building effective communication with voters
  • Choosing the format of participation in the election campaign
Our solution

Two types of research were used to implement the project: 7 focus group discussions with voters and a face-to-face survey of residents of the region over 18 years old. A total of 1,600 respondents were interviewed.

The use of projective techniques in the course of focus group discussions made it possible to find out not only what and in which words the voters say, but also their expectations and hopes, and the method of modeling situations in a quantitative survey – to recommend the format of participation in the election campaign.


As a result of the project, reference points for positioning were identified, the socio-political landscape and voters’ preferences were analyzed, the problems of the district, expectations, and pain points of the electorate were identified, and the dynamics of the rating and electoral moods were analyzed.

Based on the results of the research, recommendations were developed for building political communication through the identification of elements of voter discourse and the configuration of a winning way of participation was determined.
Research by Yasno Research & Consulting Group is a reliable way to obtain information for decision making and correction of political communication during the election campaign.


Political ratings in Ukraine, assessment of candidates’ positions, study of the district’s key problems, assessment of voters’ perception of the activities of public figures.

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