Analysis of models of perception of the city for the formation of the concept of the brand of Kharkov

About project

Kharkiv Office Of Reform approached Yasno Research & Consulting Group with a very interesting and non-standard task – to conduct a study that would allow to obtain comprehensive data for the creation of a brand platform for Kharkiv city. The main task was to search for models and attributes of Kharkov’s image perception.

Creative agency Starik, creative agency Arriba, Kharkiv Office of Reform, as well as a team of experienced moderators and analysts of Yasno R&C took part in the formation of the design, research and the implementation of the study.

Our solution

The expert interviews method was chosen for the implementation of the project. The respondents who took part in the study are well-known representatives of the cultural, political, scientific and educational, diplomatic, socio-legal, infrastructural and business environment of Kharkiv.

A total of 18 in-depth interviews and one dyad were conducted.

In the study, the method of semantic differential was used, according to which experts were offered a set of dichotomous sentences describing different aspects of life and manifestations of the city. Each dichotomy was evaluated on a 7-point scale.

As a result, a “city profile” map was created, reflecting the degree of expression of certain characteristics inherent in the perception of Kharkiv.


The results of the project made it possible to distinguish and form several models of perception of the city in the space of the following features: “openness-closedness” – readiness/presence of barriers to the adoption of new ideas, values, representatives and features of other cultures, “stability-development” – presence/absence of potential and real processes of growth, changes, progress

Experts created a map of key associations with the city: places, personalities, historical events that form the image of Kharkiv, and also highlighted the main attributes inherent in the city, for example, such as creativity, cleanliness, uniqueness, courage, intellectuality.

In the course of the project, an assessment of the perception of the modern level of development of various spheres of the city’s life activity was given: educational, cultural, touristic, communal, safety, health care and others, which became a platform for the formation of the concept of development and creation of the brand of the city of Kharkiv.

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