Gender Audit for Theaters

About the project

Gender equality in Ukraine is a value that underlies the protection of human rights and is confirmed at the level of state institutions.

However, is this enough for the claimed rights to become socially acceptable and become part of everyday communication practices?

The vast majority of us, consciously or not, are under the pressure of gender stereotypes without thinking about other opportunities and prospects.

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Suchasna Zhinka Public Organization, Yasno Research & Consulting Group became a participant in the Gender Audit for Theaters project which was aimed at studying gender relations and ended with the development of the Gender Equality Plan. The project was implemented for M. V. Lysenko Kharkiv National Academy Opera and Ballet Theater (KhNATOB / SKhID OPERA).

Our solution

To assess the state of gender policy in the theater and to determine

the attitude of the management and the staff of KhNATOB to gender issues, a comprehensive study was carried out which included:

5 focus group discussions with the elements of direct non-involved observation (creative personnel, technical and administrative personnel) and 5 in-depth expert interviews with the theater management as well as a questionnaire survey of employees.

Since the gender topic is quite new in terms of empirical studies of the cultural sphere, the specialists of Yasno Research & Consulting Group have developed a methodological toolkit – projective techniques aimed at identifying gender stereotypes.


The theater gender culture has several multidirectional vectors. The theater proclaims an egalitarian gender culture aimed at realizing the principle of gender equality.

However, the state of the theater gender culture is characterized by a number of factors: the theater staff does not have information on cases of discrimination, violence, and in the overwhelming majority does not actualize gender issues since they do not have information about their occurrences.

The theater employees have insufficient understanding of their rights and opportunities to protect them. Despite the fact that the theater has all the legislatively defined documents to regulate the rights and obligations of the personnel, a significant number of participants of the study are not sufficiently informed about them.

The full results of the project can be found at the link

Carrying out a gender audit in arts and cultural sector, in theaters, universities, educational institutions, organizations. Using author’s methods in holding focus group discussions with staff.

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