Analysis of the socio-economic situation in the Kharkiv region during the Russian invasion in 2014

About project

The war in the Eastern part of Ukraine, started by the Russian Federation in 2014, has caused a wave of internal migration, changing the socio-economic and demographic landscape of the frontline regions.

This project was implemented by Yasno Research & Consulting Group for an international organization and consisted in studying the current political, social, economic and security conditions in the southeastern regions of the Kharkiv region.

For a comprehensive study of the problems of the districts, the study involved residents, IDPs, as well as decision-makers and those directly involved in solving administrative tasks – politicians, businessmen, public figures and activists.

Our solution

Collection of empirical information was carried out by the method of focus group discussion (1) and in-depth interview (2).

Respondents were invited to participate in focus groups in accordance with the socio-demographic composition of the population of the districts, mixed in terms of the level of political activity and political preferences. Residents of communes and IDPs took part in the project.

In-depth interviews were conducted with politicians, businessmen, volunteers, representatives of public organizations and IDPs.

Geography of research: Balakleevsky, Barvenkovsky, Borovsky, Izyumsky and Chuguevsky districts of Kharkiv region.

A total of 12 focus groups and 30 in-depth interviews with experts were conducted.


The result of the study was:

  • Assessment of attitudes towards forced migrants, identification of problems they faced.
  • Description of the key problems of the district: state of infrastructure, transportation, education, medicine, employment, etc.
  • Assessment of social moods and the level of protest potential.
  • The level of trust and evaluation of the activities of social and political institutions: local and central authorities, political parties, public and volunteer organizations, the army, the church.
  • Assessment of the military conflict in the East of the country, identification of ways to resolve this conflict.
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