Brand and product research

Manage the brands professionally by studying the buying behavior

What we study
  • Brand health study and potential brand study
    • Determination of the share of the brand believers
    • Detection of possible losses and gains of the brand
    • Determination of the hare of potential customers
    • Comparison of positions of the brand and positions of competitors
  • Brand image study
    • Analysis of perception of the basic attributes of the brand and the competitor's brand by target audience
    • Determination of the importance of image characteristics to transform these perceptions into purposeful communication messages
    • ИStudy of the influence of the brand image characteristics on the level of satisfaction with the brand/service
    • Reveal of vacant image niches
  • Product study
    • Determination of directions of the product positioning
    • Selection of the product target segment
    • Determination of perspectives for the new product development
  • Analysis of price elasticity, search of the best price
    • Determination of an acceptable price range for the brand/TM
    • Determination of the best price
    • Obtaining concepts of dynamics of consumers' price expectations
  • Testing
    • Testing of the product (flavor profile, visual appearance, packaging, etc.)
    • Determination of the product actual cost in the eyes of consumers (blind test)
    • Determination of the advertising efficiency
    • Testing of the positioning concept
    • Determination of the effect created with the packaging
    • Detection of the web site problem areas
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