Services Sector

Studying the consumer behavior is a competent approach to the value proposition formation

About the Sector

The marketing studies allowing to determine the level of demand for a service, to detect vacant niches for company positioning, to find the possibilities to increase the clients’ loyalty as well as to generate the unique market offer are of the biggest interest for the companies working in the servicing sphere.

Yasno Research & Consulting Group implements the projects in the IT area aimed at the survey of users’ needs and the reputation and HP studies for the IT companies

Challenges Solved
  • Evaluation of competitive environment, determination of market share of main operators

  • Study of consumption situation and clients’ motivation

  • Study of needs and evaluation of the level of their satisfaction

  • Forecast of clients’ behavior in case of change of price for services, introduction of new services

  • Search of vacant image niches for company positioning

  • Segment researches

  • Research of company image and reputation

  • Testing of advertising concept and advertising products

  • Evaluation of advertising campaign efficiency

  • Tracking studies relating to research of company positions

  • Research of personnel loyalty and motivation

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