Geomarketing Research: Search of Potential Locations for the Network of Fitness Clubs

About the project

The Kharkiv network of fitness clubs was planning to enter new markets: the task was to open several new points in Kyiv.

However, the capital market for fitness and sports services is quite developed and saturated, so the search for suitable locations should be approached taking into account the assessment of the location population, the level of traffic intensity, and the competitive environment. It was important for the customer to determine the geography of locations in which the opening of new fitness clubs would be economically viable and promising.

Our solution

To solve the task, the geomarketing and competitive analysis of the fitness services market was carried out.

When searching the locations, the following factors were taken into account:

  • Density of population at the location: population size and density, the ratio of residential population and changeable contingent, the character of location development and its surrounding territories.
  • Location approachability: the level of traffic intensity at the location and the surrounding territories, the level of location walkability and accessibility by transport.
  • Location reputation: statusness, the location social marker, average price per square meter of residential space at the primary market.
  • Availability and number of attractors at the location: shopping centers, business centers, universities, residential homes.
  • Competitive environment at the location: the total number of competitors; the index of competitive environment saturation; competitors’ specialization; the range of competitors’ service tariffs.

As a result of the study, 30 locations were selected with an analytical substantiation of the advantages and disadvantages for the location of the fitness club. Also, 73 attractors (shopping and entertainment centers, universities, residential complexes, office centers) were identified which will generate the target audience. In addition, 4 types of interactive maps were created that display the area of interest by the parameters: population size, traffic intensity, density and characteristics of the competitive environment, location of potential locations.

The selected methods allowed us to find and to recommend the potential locations for development of the network in the required number.

Geomarketing Research in Ukraine will help you to understand the number and density of the population, the level of traffic intensity in the location, the level of pedestrian and transport accessibility of the location, the competitive environment in the location.

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