Assessment of Awareness about IT Companies

About the project

Emerging fast-evolving markets are always difficult to keep track of. Especially when it comes to a very specific IT area.

In order not to get lost among numerous competitors and to attract talented specialists to their team, IT companies have to build an employer brand and carefully work out their HR strategy.

For this, it is extremely important to understand what specialists want from companies: which bonuses attract them and which are not significant, which events are of interest and what needs to be done to improve the image of your company.

Our solution

Taking into account the specifics of the target audience, it was decided to conduct an online survey which involved 200 specialists from more than 50 IT companies in Kharkiv.

The configuration of the online survey (CAWI with pre-recruiting) was developed on the basis of a target quota sample. In particular, the developers of the Junior, Middle, Senior, Lead levels working in small, medium and large companies of Kharkiv took part in the project.


Based on the results of the project, the client was provided with the report that included the following blocks:

  • Rating and anti-rating of IT companies in Kharkiv
  • Positions of the company brand: awareness, work experience, willingness / refusal to cooperate
  • Factors that promote cooperation and provoke non-cooperation
  • Target audience portrait
  • Attractive bonuses and IT events that are in demand

Order a study of the target audience and find out how your communication meets the needs and expectations of customers or employees.

Brand awareness study in IT sectors among programmers, developers, testers. Reputational, HR research for IT companies in Ukraine, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kiev. Online survey of testers, developers, designers, programmers, IT specialists.

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