Study of Attitudes Towards Sports Activities: Preferences, Motivation, Barriers

About the project

The chain of fitness clubs in Kharkiv faced a difficult task. In the variety of different offers on the market, the customer sought to develop a unique positioning strategy that would allow it to distinguish itself favorably from competitors.

At the same time, there was a lack of understanding of the motives and expectations of visitors of fitness clubs as well as the portrait of the target audience. To expand the client base, it was important to identify the barriers to exercising in fitness clubs.

Our solution

The project turned out to be incredibly interesting not only to the research group and the customer, but also to the participants themselves. To get away from the traditional methods of obtaining information, Yasno Research & Consulting Group proprietary methodology was developed – conducting a survey in the form of a fun-test – “Find out who you are in sports and what kind of load is right for you” – the completion of which allowed the participants to better understand their sports preferences and determine the optimal type of physical activity.

The half-joking style of the test, with a big number of images, and the interesting keys developed by the psychologists truly became the innovative research solutions which allowed to solve the perennial problem of data acquisition among the target audience in a very quick time.


The information received was used by the customer to fill the marketing communication with resonating meanings and images.

This type of research is not standard for consumer analysis and has its limitations. For example, a questionnaire might include a relatively small number of questions, and the development of the test requires the work of both marketing specialists and psychologists. In addition, the development of the test itself takes quite a long time (about 2 weeks).

However, if you are facing the task of data acquisition among the mass audience, and the business specifics allows playing elements of interaction – the creative tool of online testing is, beyond all doubt, the best choice.

Study of preferences, motivations, stereotypes and barriers of fitness club visitors and determination of fitness clubs and gyms visitor’s portrait.

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