Situation with Purchase of Counterfeit Laser Printer Cartridges

About the project

Traditionally, it is believed that the marketing activities of companies are aimed at solving business problems, for example, such as stimulating sales, increasing profits, and gaining market share. However, sometimes companies face with the tasks that are not related to direct benefits, but are reputational or even educational in nature.

An example of such a situation is the research that was carried out by the specialists from Yasno Research & Consulting Group for the international manufacturer of copying machines.

The focus of the company was to understand the level of awareness of the company’s personnel as to the distribution of counterfeit cartridges on the market.

  • What attention do consumers pay to the issue of product originality?
  • What markers are used to recognize counterfeits?
  • Have you faced the situation of buying counterfeits? How did you act?
Our solution

Since the company was implementing the second wave of research – after the introduction of consumer awareness activities as to counterfeit products – an important task of the research was to assess the effectiveness of the campaign.

The research was conducted by the telephone survey method (CATI).

The research involved 100 respondents: office workers who work full-time in small and medium-sized companies.

Research region: Kazakhstan


The marketing research allowed us to identify the level of awareness and to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign as well as to remind the consumers once again about the risks of buying counterfeits and how to avoid this.

Studying the level of awareness of companies’ staff in the issue of counterfeit products distribution. The research involved 100 office workers who work full-time in small and medium-sized companies in Kazakhstan.

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