Detection of Consumer Values for Construction of Footwear Brand

About the project

The client – a chain of brand footwear stores – faced the task of finding attributes for positioning that would allow differentiation in a highly competitive field. It was necessary to confirm / refute a number of hypotheses one of which was the idea that the company is distinguished by a high level of service.

Our solution

Previously, the company did not conduct marketing research, so it was decided to expand the project tasks and study the portrait and behavior of the target audience based on the seasonal characteristics of the business area.

Thirty-six footwear buyers were invited to participate in the project among whom there were the buyers of the client’s brand who made a purchase of footwear for the spring-summer season and the buyers who made a purchase for the autumn-winter season of a certain price segment.

For a detailed study of the barriers to buying behavior, the buyers of the competing brands took part in the study.

The project was implemented using the in-depth interview method and took place in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

The study used the customer journey methodology.


As a result of the project, 6 segments of footwear buyers were identified based on behavioral characteristics when choosing and buying footwear, such as “orientation to others / orientation to oneself”, “functionality / style”.

One of the research insights was that almost all segments of footwear buyers are, to this or that level, involved in the communication about fashion trends and modern images. But rarely this communication includes a specific brand.

Based on the data obtained, a canvas was developed for the formation of a brand strategy and detuning from the competitors, and the recommendations were provided for drawing up sales scripts when working with various customer segments.


To understand which way it is efficient for the brand to interact with its buyers and to attract the new audience, use the marketing analysis tools.

The research and strategic consulting of Yasno Research & Consulting Group make the foundation of the company marketing activities sound, integral, and unique.

Almost of all shoe buyers segments in the medium+ category involved in communication about fashion trends and actual looks. To understand your target audience and highlight your brand, use the marketing research tools. Yasno Research & Consulting Group studies makes the company’s marketing strategy sound, solid and unique.

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