Knowledge and Perception of Brand of Women Wear and Accessories

About the project

Do customers recognize the brand? What is it associated with? How does it stand out from the competitors? How do buyers generally make their choice? Under what circumstances do they shop?

These and other questions became the basis for a fascinating project dedicated to the study of the knowledge and perception of the brand of women wear and accessories.

It was important to understand not only the market position of the brand, but also how it is perceived, what markers are endowed, for example, whether the brand is perceived as an expensive brand or as a clothing brand for every day, or as a brand in the product range of which there are all required positions.

Our solution

To find the answers to these and many other questions, the Yasno Research & Consulting Group team conducted focus groups with the consumers of the client’s brand as well as with the consumers of competing brands. Thus, it was possible to cover different segments of buyers and to obtain more objective information about the perception of the brand in the minds of buyers of women wear.

The project involved the residents of Dnipro at the age of 20 to 44 years old.

The second part of the project was a quantitative survey.

A door-to-door interview was conducted face-to-face with female customers of women wear aged 16‑55. 800 respondents took part in the survey.


As a result, the client got a complete picture of how the buyers perceive the brand, including in comparison with the competing brands. The information obtained allowed us to adjust the positioning strategy in a saturated market.

Other results of the project were:

  • key strategies for buying women’s brand clothes
  •  market positions of the brand against the background of competitors
  • analysis of the location of the store from the point of view of buyers of brand products
  • socio-demographic and psychographic portrait of buyers.

The project ended with the recommendations for creating a unique brand positioning taking into account the specifics of the market situation and the buying behavior.

The focus group discussion method is optimal when it is necessary to understand the key motives of buyers, to study what drives them and what stops them, how they can be attracted, and how they can be distracted. A quantitative survey allows us to understand the capacity of customer segments, to determine their portrait and features.

The marketing positions of the women’s clothing brand. Understanding of the key features of consumer behavior, their expectations from the brand and the segments’ portrait describing. Order the focus group to understand the key motives, drivers and stoppers of buyers in Ukraine, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro.

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