Comprehensive Research: Market Positions of Construction Corporation

About the project

The construction corporation was looking for tools to develop a positioning and promotion strategy aimed at maintaining and strengthening its position in the Ukrainian residential real estate market. It was necessary to study the current perception of the company, growth zones and “pain points”, to assess the effectiveness of the sales department.

Our solution

To achieve the ambitious goal, it was proposed to use four research methods.

  1. Expert survey of 8 realtors, sales managers
  2. 30 in-depth interviews with investors
  3. Mystery calling with sales managers, n=50
  4. Desk search

The study was conducted in the capital of Ukraine.


In the course of the study, the specialists of Yasno Research & Consulting Group studied the general situation in the primary residential real estate market, the market potential of the brand, customer satisfaction with the quality of service, the perception of the corporation image, and analyzed the problems arising during the operation of the corporation facilities.

The comprehensive marketing research allowed to correct the positioning strategy, to detect weak spots, to optimize the sales process as well as to select the efficient tools for brand promotion.

As a result, the client obtained information how to interact with the potential investors (which communication style to select, how to work with the objections), what shall be taken into account when presenting a flat or a block of flats as well as found out which their differences from the competitors are as for the price policy and communication.


The comprehensive marketing research is the best tool to solve the complicated marketing tasks.

The combination of various methods allows to get a reliable foundation for the development of the promotion and positioning strategies.

The construction corporation was looking for tools to develop the positioning and promotion strategy. To achieve the goal Yasno Research & Consulting Group have conducted the expert interviews with realtors, investors and mystery calling with sales managers as well as desk search.

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