Review of Plumbing Fixtures Market in Poland

About the project

Once the decision to penetrate a new market was taken, a company faces many risks and difficulties. In order to avoid these risks and difficulties, it is important to sound out the market, to study the players already existing at it, to analyze the peculiarities of their activity.

Prior to entering the new Polish marker, the client – the manufacturer of valves and fittings – decided to order the desk search to obtain the maximal information about the plumbing fixtures market in Poland.

Among the tasks of the project was the analysis of the product range and pricing policy of the brands as well as the key sales channels and promotion features.

Our solution

The project was implemented using the desk search method. A team of analysts studied the Polish market focusing on finding the answers to the following questions:

  • Brands of which countries are on the market?
  • What are the peculiarities of the sales system and sales channels?
  • What is the product range and pricing policy?
  • What positioning accents are used by companies?
  • What makes the content of company websites and other advertising materials different?

The report on the results of the project included key market trends: development forecast, promising segments, experts’ expectations.

The client was also provided with information on sales channels: the list of supermarkets, dealers, distributors, online stores, and marketplaces; the package of certificates, price lists, catalogs and other products of market players was transferred and the list of significant promotion channels was formulated: exhibitions, associations, and the motivational scheme for working with the installers was built.
Desk search is the best tool for detailed market analysis at minimal cost.

Engineering plumbing Market Review in Poland. Analysis of assortment and pricing policy, study of sales channels and promotion features.

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