Why do market research?

Examples of marketing research results implementation

In fact, we are not very fond of persuading that research is needed. There is not even a script for this.

Once a potential client called and after a fairly detailed clarification of how the study is being conducted, what is needed for this, what results he will get, and so on, she asked – tell me, all this is understandable, but why should I need it?

In fact, modern market research has such a wide range of applications that it is unlikely that it will be possible to answer this question in two or three sentences, and there is no need for this – since information in the public domain is an immense space. And, fortunately, mostly companies come to us that already understand what requests need to be addressed.

However, the most convincing argument, in our opinion, is the real stories of how the results of marketing research were applied.

By the way, they are not always happy end stories, sometimes it happens that a company has been investing in the development of a direction for years, actively promoting some position, but it turns out that this direction is ignored by the consumer.

It also really hurts to learn that a startup idea or advertising concept turns out to be completely unconvincing or even a failure.

However, entrepreneurs are creative people, and to see in the eyes of the client the fire that “lights” the results of research – for new ideas, products, services, activities – is a real miracle.

A miracle that becomes possible thanks to the well-coordinated work of a team who believe in their product and do not stop in their development.

So just a few examples:

One bicycle manufacturer relied on the fact that they have their own factory in their communication, and that this is an important competitive advantage.

As a result of marketing research:

it turned out that the consumer does not always understand what is at stake and the presence of their own production is absolutely not important for the client’s audience. And other things are important, which over time have taken their rightful place in communication

Исследование восприятия потенциальной аудиторией – арендаторов недвижимости люкс-сегмента

We studied the perception of the potential audience – tenants of the luxury segment of daily real estate – of the mobile app for booking. It was believed that the main competitor was hotels, apart-hotels, etc. and that the mobile application best meets the needs of the target.

As a result of marketing research:

it turned out that the audiences of tenants of apartments and hotels almost do not overlap, they understood what barriers exist when using the application and made many discoveries, for example, how to “stuff” apartments and what service should be added.

The developer company, which has been a leader for many years, found out how its product is perceived by consumers and, along the way, how competitors work.

As a result of marketing research:

almost from every page of the report the information went “to life” – in sales scripts, in the wording of the offer, service policy. And about how much you can tell during a telephone presentation, you can thank competitors and our employees who conducted mystery calling.

A global manufacturer of high-tech equipment was figuring out how a consumer uses telematics systems and what needs to be added to modify the product.

As a result of marketing research:

it turned out that some farmers turn off this system because they consider it too expensive a product. As a result, the manufacturer took into account this segment of consumers in its strategy.

Shoe retailer – analyzed the consumer’s journey.

As a result of marketing research:

segments of consumers were identified and profiles were written for each segment: what motivates, what stops, what is important, how to work with each, what chips to use.

Тестирование упаковки для машинных масел

Carried out testing of packaging for machine oils.

As a result of marketing research:

found out that the new packaging does not support the brand, but is considered as the packaging of competitors.

For years, the cultural institution did not dare to raise the price tag, believing that the audience was not ready for this, because it was not the right time …

As a result of marketing research:

it turned out that it was still ready. Increasing the price of a ticket allowed to attract both the audience and open up new areas of development.

Sometimes the results of research really give super strength and confidence, sometimes they find a new angle, sometimes they offer to flip the page.

However, more often than not, marketing research is the stage by which a company develops, setting new goals and finding answers to complex business requests.