Use and Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery on Farms

About the project

The agricultural market in Ukraine remains in the focus of the interests of domestic and international investors.Agricultural companies announce the allocation of investments for the construction of elevators, the expansion of processing capacities, and the purchase of equipment.

At the same time, the agricultural machinery market in Ukraine has a powerful potential. The Yasno Research & Consulting Group team has repeatedly implemented projects related to the agricultural market. We conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews with farmers, studied the potential of the market for organic products, analyzed the possibilities of modernizing self-propelled harvesters, and much more.

The project we are presenting today is interesting from the point of view of how marketing research tools allow manufacturers to adapt a high-tech product to the needs of the customers.

The main business task of the customer – the international manufacturer of agricultural machinery – was to identify the needs of the users when working with equipment for its further improvement.


Our solution

To solve this task, the method of focus group discussions with filling out a questionnaire was used.

The study involved the owners of large farms, the managers of the machine and tractor fleet, and maintenance managers.


The result of the project was a clear brief for engineers, designers, and marketing specialists of the company which included the following positions.

  • The list of operating parameters on the basis of which the users make decisions to predict possible breakdowns
  • Determination of the person responsible for planning the oil change procedure
  • Algorithm of actions of the equipment operator when receiving a certain diagnostic code
  • User flow during the use of monitoring systems / telematics for equipment


Marketing research allows you to create a road map for the further development of a company’s product.

Market analysis in using and maintenance of agricultural equipment in farms. Conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews with farmers, agrarians, agricultural producers in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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