About Us

Our team has over 20 years of research expertise.


This turned out to be enough to realize our capabilities and develop the principles that guide us in the formation of business processes and corporate culture.


During this time, our team has been called a “sect of perfectionists” more than once – we are always happy to welcome the purposeful and dedicated specialists in Yasno Research & Consulting Group.


Value vision of Yasno Research & Consulting Group
  1. Our approach to work is based on academic knowledge and extensive experience. This gives us an understanding not only of the value of relevant and reliable information, but also of the features of its application. The team members are the specialists in marketing, sociology, political science and psychology. Every third specialist has a scientific degree. The collective experience of Yasno R&C Group is formed by the management activities at large manufacturing, distribution enterprises in the field of marketing, advertising and PR, management of social projects and political consulting.
  2. We carry out studies based on the existing needs and the specific situation of each client.  Yasno Research & Consulting Group specializes in custom (ad hoc) research for both B2C and B2B markets.
  3. We are extremely demanding on the quality of data because we are convinced that competent decisions can only be made on the basis of truthful information. Therefore, we do not hide the facts, even when the client may not like the data.
  4. Confidentiality and protection of personal data are immutable laws in research. We comply with the procedures and quality standards adopted in the research industry, in particular, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code, the Marketing Research Association (MRA) Code of Marketing Research Standards, as well as the code of ethics and quality standards of the Ukrainian Marketing Association, of which we are members. Besides, you can be sure that the data will not be transferred to third parties – the client receives all rights to the results of the study. We approach the data of the participants of the study with the same responsibility: we work in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and transmit information about the respondents only in a generalized form.
  5. We know we are not perfect. That is why we are constantly learning, developing and implementing new research, analytical and methodological tools.
  6. The results of Yasno R&C Group research reveal the truth not only because they are reliable and have passed a multi-stage analysis, but also presented in the most readable form. We communicate the results so that it is clear to you how to interpret and apply them.
  7. We do not play the game “who is faster and cheaper.” You will always receive an honest answer, what information is achievable, what is not, in what time frame and at what cost.
  8. And we do not strive for publicity – our projects speak for themselves. You are now reading this information, most likely because one of our partners recommended us.


Finally, we are deeply convinced that when serious decisions depend on the results of research, and large investments or global changes are at stake, there is no place for amateurism.


The research expertise of Yasno Research & Consulting Group will allow you to get a holistic, objective, unbiased analysis and, of course, a clear vision for bold decisions.

Our advantages
Emphasis on business objectives

We scrupulously study the client's business tasks in order to understand how the results of the research will be used

We meticulously evaluate the possibilities and limitations of the project

We carefully select research tools choosing a methodology that will allow to achieve our goal

Efficient Management

We make high demands on the planning of the research process

We select respondents according to the given criteria and with relevant experience

We form a project team taking into account the specialization of the professional experience of managers, moderators, interviewers and analysts

Qualitative analysis and data presentation

All collected information undergoes multi-level verification and validation

We use modern methods of statistical analysis: correlation, correspondence, factorial, decision tree and others

We never give data in a heap, isolating the main thing and presenting it in a convenient and understandable format

We have conducted hundreds of studies that have helped companies and organizations make the right decisions.
Over 20 years in research
20+ years
The Member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association
The EBRD consultant in the marketing area
Use of innovative proprietary methodologies
Implementation of cross-cultural projects

Meeting the international quality standards of collection and analysis of information of the International Code ICC/ESOMAR

The Certificate of Marketingi Instituute for export markets research
  • ICC
  • Esomar
Clear vision for bold decision
Clients and partners
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Kim Kemmer

Senior Research Strategist & Consultant PRIME46

We engaged YASNO Research & Consulting Group to conduct a series of one-on-one interviews with farmers and contractors in the Ukrainian market on behalf of a global machinery manufacturer.

The team at YASNO were very thorough in their pursuit to understand the business objective, and interpret our discussion guide in a way the interviewees could understand and easily respond to.

YASNO handled the recording, translation and transcription of the interviews making the work of developing the insights much faster.

We were kept informed of the progress throughout the project, and received the final results on time, and on budget.

We are very pleased with the attention to detail and appreciate the professionalism YASNO Research & Consulting Group provided to us.

Denys Kobzin

Director of Kharkiv Institute for Social Research

It is difficult to remember another partner as reliable and punctual as Yasno Research & Consulting Group. The professional team for which there are no “too difficult” issues and which adequately responds to the most unexpected changes in plans and circumstances. The experience and confident actions of the team not only help to overcome difficulties, but also instill confidence in the client.

We have been working with Yasno Research & Consulting Group for many years and have repeatedly admired the reliability and quality of the result – whether it is organizing socially sensitive topics focus-groups, expert interviews with high-profile respondents or conducting mass quantitative surveys .

Nastasia Dudnik

Head of Marketing at Techstack

We’ve implemented the research project to study the employer market together with Yasno Research & Consulting Group in Kharkiv.

According to the results of the study, we determined the position of the company in Kharkiv market, studied in detail the potential audience and the criteria for choosing an employer by applicants. This research helped us choose the right development vector and form the positioning of our Employer Brand.

Yasno Research & Consulting Group stands out for its clarity and professionalism. We are very glad that we did this work together with them and we are going to continue our cooperation in a number of other studies in the future.

Yuriy Saprykin

Marketing Manager of VELOPLANETA LLC

Together with YASNO Research & Consulting Group, we’ve implemented the research project regarding the out brand positions on the Ukrainian market.

We’ve got the reliable data which allowed us to understand how to strengthen the market positions and in which direction to develop in the future.

YASNO Research & Consulting Group works with the data professionally, analyzes them excellently and, at the end, provides the understandable and useful outcome that can be applied for our business purposes without any reservations.

Daria Kropotova

Head of Marketing Department of Tekhno Yizhak

The research results clarified for us the important marketing indicators: market share, level of awareness, level of satisfaction, and others. In addition to the quantitative data, we received a lot of qualitative information about the selection criteria that are important for the buyer, about the main competitors, about the features of the product selection process. This is not to say that the results as a whole were absolutely new information for us. But being confirmed, they became a support for us in making important decisions about further goals and priorities of development. More than a year has passed since the research, but we still get ideas from there for further thinking.

I would like to note (and thank) separately the team of YASNO Research & Consulting Group for their professional competence, precision, meeting deadlines and feedback at all stages of the study. They helped to shape our requests and put together a very detailed questionnaire to get all the information we needed. In the course of the research, there were non-standard situations, and we always received solutions from YASNO Research & Consulting Group.

In general and in short: the cooperation with YASNO Research & Consulting Group was pleasant and effective.

Dmytro Klimanov

Director of K&K Advertising Agency

YASNO Research & Consulting Group was the organizer and coordinator of the sociological research on the study of the media landscape of Starobilsk Raion in Luhansk Oblast by conducting the quantitative survey of Starobilsk residents.

To check our market positions and to find out the key information needs of the city residents, we turned to the specialists of YASNO Research & Consulting Group with the task to analyze the popularity of information sources in the city, determine the level of trust in information sources, study the information preferences of the audience and the level of satisfaction with the media content.

To achieve these goals, YASNO Research & Consulting Group team conducted a survey of 600 residents of Starobilsk.

The results and conclusions of the study helped to carry out the necessary changes in the structure of the most popular print publication in Starobilsk which made it possible to stabilize and expand its audience.

The quality of the services provided, compliance with the deadlines for their implementation and comfortable conditions for cooperation are a sufficient basis for recommending YASNO Research & Consulting Group as a reliable consulting partner.

Oleg Nikolenko

Founder of ditto

The study with YASNO Research & Consulting Group became the starting point not only in creating the company marketing strategy, but also the starting point for building a marketing department within the company. Through this study, we identified the main customer segments, their motives, benefits and important points on the way to making a decision.

The qualitative research carried out by YASNO Research & Consulting Group provided an impetus to the optimization of business processes, became the beginning for building the marketing competencies of the company and new projects to improve the service and quality of work of the company consultants. YASNO Research & Consulting Group really cares about its customers, it is important for the company not only to do its job, but also to understand that the work done has benefited the customers. We are grateful to YASNO Research & Consulting Group for our cooperation!

Olga Bulbakh

Marketing Director of ZOR

Objectively, these are the best research results in my entire marketing career. Based on the information received, we were able to better understand the market, build a marketing product basket and brand positioning.

Oleg Ivanov

Velotrade CEO

We have become closer to our customers because the study revealed the unexpected facts about the customer behavior, their preferences.

We managed to find a reliable answer about the importance of the brand among our customers. We have changed the communication strategy of the company, advertising activities.

YASNO Research & Consulting Group is a reliable partner, this is the company you can trust to search for true knowledge about your product or customers.

Dmytro Goncharov

Marketing Specialist of Avtozapal LLC

We were faced with a difficult choice: whether or not to invest in a new project, and if investing, then how to do it as efficiently as possible. The research results helped to make the right decision and clarified the situation. The team of YASNO Research & Consulting Group works clearly, harmoniously and systematically. We recommend.

Oleg Orishchenko

General Director of M. V. Lysenko Kharkiv National Academy Opera and Ballet Theater

YASNO Research & Consulting Group was the organizer and coordinator of two research projects to study the audience of M. V. Lysenko Kharkiv National Academy Opera and Ballet Theater (KhNATOB).

Realizing the need to adjust the marketing and communication strategy of KhNATOB, we turned to YASNO Research & Consulting Group team with the request to analyze the preferences of the audience, identify the positive and negative characteristics of the theater, assess the level of satisfaction with the theater events and identify the effective sources of communication with the audience.

The team of YASNO Research & Consulting Group with the participation of the students of the Department of Sociological Research Methods of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University conducted two surveys of theater goers: in November 2015 and in October-December 2016.

Thanks to the developed recommendations, the changes were made in the communication, marketing and pricing policy of the theater which made it possible to expand the audience.

We are sincerely grateful to the team of YASNO Research & Consulting Group for their excellent work, professional competence, consulting support and look forward to active cooperation in the future.

Khrystyna Cherkasova

CEO, Kharkiv EDU Cluster

The results of the study became the basis for the methodological materials of the Career Path Planning Cluster. The materials are used in work with universities and schools of the city, popularized among students and teaching staff.

We are very pleased with the cooperation with YASNO Research & Consulting Group and recommend to colleagues! A systematic and high-quality work, meeting all deadlines which is important for us – we saw a response and interest in the topic we were working on. I quote from one of the audience responses: “One of the most structured, helpful and understandable researches I’ve studied in recent years.”

Felix Metger

Senior Research Consultant of eye square

In YASNO Research & Consulting Group we have found a competent and reliable partner for large scale POS studies in Kyiv.

The staff was competent and worked professionally helping us to achieve our goal as planned.

The cooperation was uncomplicated and solution-oriented. It will be a pleasure to work with YASNO Research & Consulting Group again in the future.