Engine Oil Packaging Design Testing

About the project

There are no trifles in marketing. When choosing motor oil, at the stage of studying the packaging, the buyer should not think that he/she is observing a product of dubious quality that does not correspond to the brand. How can this goal be achieved? The simple answer is to test the packaging before launching the product on the market.

In this project, we determined the most convenient and attractive packaging design for engine oil that would correspond to the premium brand and clarified a number of other issues that are important for the manufacturer.

  • What are the parameters for choosing engine oil? What factors are paid attention to?
  • What brands of oils are recommended to customers in the first place?
  • How attractive is the design of the new oil can?
  • How do consumers rate the convenience of different cap options?
Our solution

The tasks associated with testing a product / packaging / idea are most often solved using qualitative research methods.

Six focus group discussions were held in which 48 respondents took part – the representatives of the target audience – sales managers in auto parts stores, specialists from auto services companies and auto workshops.


In the course of the study, various packaging parameters were tested: color and font size, clarity and sufficiency of information, neck shape, tactile sensations from the body material, perception of the reliability and tightness of the cap as well as the issues of the subsequent can use. The client received a rating of options and recommendations for further improving the product.


Testing of packaging, product, advertisement, website is a method in which the details play the first fiddle.

Testing of motor oil packaging to determine the most attractive packaging design and studying the motor oils chose process. The study has conducted using focus group method with the sales managers in auto parts stores.

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