The labor market analysis for the future professions map formation

About project

We received a request for a comprehensive analysis of the modern labor and education market from the representatives of GO LINK and Kharkiv EDU Cluster, a non-formal education development platform that brings together government officials, educational institutions, socially responsible business and the public sector.

The aim of the project was to study trends in the labor market, analyze 5 popular professional areas, identify skills in demand among employees from the point of view of employers, and understand the expectations of potential employees in terms of methods, forms and tools for obtaining educational services for successful professional activity.

In other words, it was important to study three key aspects:

  • the situation and demand in the global labor market
  • requests and expectations of employers in the future 3-5 years
  • requests, expectations and white space in the formal and non-formal education of young people
Our solution

The project was implemented using an integrated approach – a combination of several research methods.

First of all, a desk research (desk search) was carried out – “Trendwatching the Situation in the Labor Market”. The study analyzed the global education and labor market in the context of global, Ukrainian and regional practices. According to the results of the study, TOP-5 promising professional areas were identified.

The next step was to conduct a quantitative online survey (CAWI) in which the respondents were schoolchildren from the 9th-11th grades and students from the city of Kharkiv. 825 students took part in the survey. The research focus was on the analysis of how young people assess the quality of the education they receive, including in matters of further professional orientation as well as the skills that are important for successful professional activity in the modern world.

Finally, the final stage of the project was the holding of 5 foresight sessions with experts in the field of non-formal education, IT, management, health and energy. The project was attended by the representatives of HR and staff recruitment and development departments, psychologists, and management personnel.

The task of the foresight sessions was to form the lists of hard, soft and moral skills, to determine the development trends in each of the areas and the list of professions in demand for the next 3-5 years.


The results of the study allowed the EDU Cluster team to create the project “Trends in the Labor and Education Market in 2030“.

Some findings from the study briefly:

  • The TOP-5 areas in the labor market of Ukraine include: information technology, management and security, medicine and pharmaceuticals, engineering and design, bio-, nano- and chemical technologies.
  • Among the basic skills in demand, the leaders are: multilingualism, mathematical and research skills, a high level of development of emotional intelligence, self-education.
  • The key trends in the labor market in 2030 are: changing the structure of employment, lifelong learning, automation, robotization and multi-potential or mastering several core competencies.

Within the framework of the project “Analysis of Labor Market to Form the Map of Professions of the Future”, the Yasno Research & Consulting Group team conducted a comprehensive marketing research which included desk research (desk search), an online survey and foresight sessions with experts. The study made it possible to study the situation in the global labor and education market, to form skills and the list of professions in demand, to study the assessments and expectations of potential employees, and their readiness to meet the challenges of the time.

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