Evaluation of the process of clinical trials of the drug for treatment of orphan disease

About the project

The doctors all over the world face with the treatment of orphan diseases. Recently, the treatment of a number of diseases has improved due to more effective and safer drugs each of which is undergoing clinical trials.

During the process of clinical trials, as in the implementation of any other social or business project, the organizers face a number of difficulties the key to solving which can be a marketing research.

For example, the research can help to effectively build the “patient-hospital-trial site” interaction processes and answer the following questions:

  • How to make the clinical trial process more efficient?
  • What kind of support should be given to doctors during clinical trials?
  • How to improve the communication with the trial site?
  • How to optimize the process of considering a patient for participation in a trial?
  • What tools should be used to present the trial to the patient?
Our solution

This project was initiated by the international pharmaceutical organization. Given the sensitivity and complexity of the topic, the research was conducted using the method of in-depth interviews with doctors from different hospitals in Ukraine whose patients are participating in clinical trials related to the treatment of orphan diseases.

For the convenience of doctors, a total of 9 telephone in-depth interviews were conducted lasting about 60 minutes.


As a result of the project, the working methods of interaction between the representatives of a hospital and a trial site were identified.

The researchers identified the attractive forms of support for doctors in the conduct of clinical trials.

It became clear at what stage the procedure for selecting patients for participation in clinical trials should be reviewed, and how to build the communication with them correctly.

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