Behavior and expectations of consumers of “smart home” systems

About project

We are already used to being surrounded with “smart” phones, watches, TV sets and many other “smart” gadgets. As of today, one of the most promising “smart” solutions is “smart home” systems.

At what stage of development is the “smart home” systems market in Ukraine?

What functions of home automation systems are in demand?

How does a buyer make a choice? What is important to him/her? At what price?

These and other tasks were studied by YASNO Research & Consulting Group in the course of the research project carried out for the company entering the market with a new brand.

Our solution

The method of in-depth interviews was chosen as the best method for solving the tasks.

Several groups of target audiences took part in the survey: interviews were conducted with experts – specialists in the installation of “smart home” systems, with real consumers who have experience using the system, and potential consumers who are considering installation.

The project was carried out in Kharkiv, Kyiv and Lviv.


As a result of the research, the most popular functions of the “smart home” system were identified and the experience of their use was studied.

In addition, we were able to identify portraits of target audience segments, their values and needs.

After analyzing the data obtained, the client was provided with the recommendations for working with various customer segments.

As well as the “growth zones” were shaped for the development of the supplier company.

Assessment of the prospects for the smart home systems market in Ukraine to launch a new brand. Study of functions demanded, preferences and expectations of consumers, profiles of target audience segments. The study was conducted by in-depth interviews with experts, real and potential consumers in Kharkiv, Kiev and Lviv.

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