Analysis of the behavior of consumers of the food delivery service

About project

There are many opportunities to meet the need for food. You can have a bite of a sandwich, wait until dinner is ready or order food from a restaurant – and already in about half an hour you will savor delicious dishes.

By the way, the market of food delivery service began to take shape in Ukraine more than 20 years ago. At that time, the work of delivery services was of a local nature – the main customers were primarily office employees of medium and large companies.

What has changed over the years?

Are modern delivery services meeting the needs of consumers?

Which companies are leading the market and why?

Finally, what challenges do service providers face: for what target audience to prepare and how to beat the competition?

This is not a complete list of tasks that formed the basis for the design of a comprehensive marketing research to study consumer behavior in the food delivery service segment, implemented by order of a Ukrainian restaurant chain.

Our solution

The task of the first stage of the study, implemented in qualitative study – 24 in-depth interviews – was to study the perception and market potential of the food delivery service.

Immersion in the world of client stories allowed us to generate insights and arm ourselves with relevant material for developing a quantitative research questionnaire.

At the quantitative stage, Yasno R&C Group conducted a survey of 400 metropolitan residents using the food delivery service.

The survey tasks focused on the market position of the client’s brand in a competitive environment, consumer behavior scenarios and segmentation analysis.


The client received:

  • The most significant characteristics when choosing the food delivery service
  • Brand awareness results
  • Position map of leading brands and “niche” brands
  • Market shares of key players
  • Client brand strengths and weaknesses map
  • Description of the target audience segments, highlighting the segment to focus on
  • Recommendations of the Yasno R&C Group analytical team to strengthen the brand position and minimize market threats
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