Analysis of opportunities to reduce the harmful effects of smoking

About project

The international project dedicated to the analysis of the health situation regarding the policy of reducing the harm from smoking and attitudes towards possible alternatives in the field of tobacco products.

The project has been implemented in Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Yasno Research & Consulting Group has conducted research in Ukraine.

Our solution

There was the online survey with sample in 175 specialists from various fields of healthcare and scientific activities.

Among the participants who took part in the project in Ukraine are specialists in the field of cardiology, therapy, oncology, pulmonology, dentistry, as well as scientific researchers.


The results of the project were the search for answers to questions related to reducing the risk of tobacco addiction, the analysis of the most pressing problems in the field of healthcare, as well as the search for areas of activity that will improve the health of the population of Ukraine.

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