Concept testing the new online platform for psychologists and consultants

About project

Issues related to consumer expectations and perceptions are the most popular areas of marketing research. However, when researchers are faced with the task of concept, idea or prototype testing, the possibilities for generating business ideas become almost limitless.

In this project, we were approached by a team of experienced IT professionals who set a goal before launching a startup to understand how ready the target audience is to use a new product – an online platform for psychologists, coaches and consultants who provide  individual and group consultations.

The geography of the platform was supposed to cover the countries of Western Europe, the United States and Israel, so our task was to get feedback from experts from different countries.

The list of research objectives included: studying the features of current online consultation practice, analyzing the concept perception, assessing the basic functionality and finding ways to improve the platform.

Our solution

In order to cover the required professional audience with the research, 18 expert interviews were conducted, duration of 60-90 minutes.

The study participants included psychologists (9 interviews), coaches (4 interviews) and consultants (5 interviews) with experience in online and offline counseling: both individual and group.

9 expert interviews were conducted with specialists living and working in Ukraine, 9 – with specialists from Spain, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel and the United States.

The interviews were conducted in English and Ukrainian.


In addition to the general conclusions about the concept perception of the online platform by experts from around the world, the client received practical advice on improving the functionality and further promotion of the platform.

Among them – issues related to the characteristics of the segments of the target audience, the monetization of the platform, the direction of refinement of the basic functionality.

It is important that the experts who took part in the study not only provided feedback in the format of “need/ don’t need”, but also identified new prospects for the development of business ideas.

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