Marketing Research

  • Resources

      Conducting of the full cycle of studies in Ukraine and Russia


      Proficient experts in various sectors of industry and consumer markets

  • Expertise

      The team members are the specialists in the sphere of marketing, sociology, politology and have 16+ years of experience in working at the market of research services

  • Quality Standards

      Meeting the international quality standards of collection and analysis of information of the International Code ICC/ESOMAR

  • Competencies

      Monitoring of trends of industrial and consumer markets


      The company consultants possess experience of management of marketing activity at big industrial and distribution companies and are ready to help to realize the boldest projects


      Implementation of international projects

  • Data Protection

      Ensuring Clients' data confidentiality


      Protection of respondents' rights with regard to personal data is realized according to the rules of the International Code ICC/ESOMAR

Yasno Research & Consulting Group —

is an independent research company conducting a full cycle of marketing, social and political researches as well as rendering marketing consulting.


The company specializes in the sphere of ad hoc researches for both B2С and В2В markets

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