Medical and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Medical market research is the investment in products of the future

About the Sector

Implementation of the projects in the medical and pharmaceuticals industry – the priority area in the international research market. Brand positions monitoring, brand health and NPS, evaluation of the process of clinical trials and the system analysis of the situation in the medical services market are among the most demanding tasks. Yasno Research & Consulting Group interviews the doctors in various fields and helps to solve the tasks connected with the positioning and promotion for the medical companies

Challenges Solved
  • Analysis of market positions of pharmaceutical and medical brands

  • Evaluation of process of clinical trials

  • Study of health care institution image and reputation

  • Evaluation of level of customer satisfaction with medical services quality

  • Determination of sales channels of medical services and tools of their promotion

  • Analysis of health care institution target audience

  • Tracking and monitoring studies of medical and pharmaceutical brands

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