Trends in Children’s Literature Market in Ukraine

About the project

To get acquainted with the analysis of the children’s literature market, we were allowed to work together with students of the sociological faculty of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University who, with the support of Yasno Research & Consulting Group, conducted a comprehensive study of the children’s book market in Kharkiv.

Our solution

The following methods of collecting information were used: analysis of statistical information and secondary data, expert interviews with sales assistants of seven bookstores and two outlets in the book market, and retail audit of seven largest bookstores in Kharkiv.
Desk search allows o get an overview of the current market situation and to analyze market trends.


According to the results of the market research, 8 main trends in the children’s literature market were identified.

  1. The segment of children’s books is a popular segment in the book printing market.
  2. There is a gradual ousting of Russian publishing houses, but the leader of foreign trade relations, as before, remains the Russian Federation. This trend is typical for both the children’s book market and the book market as a whole.
  3. Against the background of a reduction in the national publishing market as a whole and the publishing market for children’s literature, both an increase in the volume of production and an increase in demand for Ukrainian-language literature are observed.
  4. The most active publisher of children’s books is Kharkiv Oblast.
  5. The most active buyers of children’s books are parents of four to six year old children. At the same time, the vast majority of buyers are women.
  6. The most popular place to buy books is a bookstore.
  7. Children’s book is most popular in print.
  8. If a children’s book belongs to a low price segment, then buyers are usually not interested in a particular publisher.

Analysis of the children’s literature market in Kharkiv, Ukraine within the Desk Search method, expert interviews with sales assistants of a bookstore network.

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