New Coffee Product Concepts Testing

About the project

The coffee culture has always been scrutinized by artists, publicists and filmmakers. The images that come to us when we mention coffee can be the most unexpected and have different social meanings. One can hardly find another such product that evokes a wide palette of emotions: from adoration, praise, and devotion to hatred, contempt, and rejection.

The marketing view of the process of drinking coffee has its own particularities: it is important for a manufacturer to know how to integrate emotions, sensations, and taste preferences into their business strategy. How to position the product, what “language” to choose so that the idea resonates, and finally, how to “fit” a new product into the lifestyles of modern consumers.

The project that our research team worked with was aimed at understanding various aspects of the perception of a new coffee drink. The task was to understand the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of people who tried a similar product, but abandoned it, saw the product, but did not try it, and those who were interested in the idea of a new mix.

What is modern coffee? Why, when and under what circumstances do people drink it? What does premium coffee mean? How is the new concept evaluated? What packaging grabs attention? What needs to be changed?

Researchers find answers to these questions.

Our solution

To implement the project, 6 focus groups were held with coffee consumers – the participants of each group were representatives of a certain segment. For example, people who regularly buy A, B, C brands and heard about a new product, but did not try it were invited to one group. In another group, we studied the opinions of people who tried the product and abandoned it.

To understand the unconscious emotions of consumers, the projective technique was used – the creation of collages during which the respondents visualized their images using pictures.

To study the rational aspects of coffee consumption, the respondents’ lifestyles, a questionnaire was developed.

The use of mixed techniques provides the reliable insight data as the subject matter is analyzed from different angles.


The main conclusion of the project was the understanding that the new product has many opportunities for the Ukrainian market. However, the positioning strategy needs to be seriously revised. A clear message should be conveyed to the users about what the new product combination gives and what its benefits are.

The research showed that none of the concepts tested during the project are motivating. The recommendations following the project included not only the analysis of problem areas of the proposed concepts, but also the directions for their elimination as well as the ideas for positioning the product taking into account the traditions and peculiarities of the coffee culture of Ukrainians.

Studying the coffee consumer’s opinions to determine the most attractive concept for a new product using the focus group method. The study has conducted in Ukraine in Kiev at the request of the international retail brand.

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