How Plumbing Manufacturer Can Optimize Customer Interactions

About the project

The interaction of the manufacturer with the customer is an important part of doing any business. And if in the b2c segment the tools are well-known and actively used, in the b2b market many companies often work like in a “minefield”. How to build interaction with clients? What tools should be used to make the interaction effective? What bonuses to offer? How interesting and attractive are they? Finally, how to build loyalty and attract new customers? The scheme for the implementation of research projects in the b2b segment consists of a number of stages the most time-consuming of which is the search for and involvement in the project of the specialists who meet all the necessary requirements and have experience in the market under study.

In this project, such specialists are installers who independently purchase or take part in the selection and purchase of plumbing fixtures.

Our solution

To solve the set tasks, 15 in-depth interviews with the installers were conducted during which we discussed in detail what the respondents think about the brands of plumbing fixtures, how they distinguish them, by what criteria they choose, which brands they cooperate with, and what conditions of cooperation are attractive.

The study was conducted in three cities of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Lviv.


The main result of the project was the recommendations on the formation of the company’s positioning strategy based on the real needs of the installers. The recommendations included specific activities to meet customer needs, a list of effective communication tools and possible directions for brand development.
In-depth interviews are the best method for analyzing the situation in narrow specialized markets.

The interaction between manufacturer and client is an important part of running of any business. How to build this interaction successfully? What tools should use to make it effective? Conduct the qualitative marketing research in Ukraine, for example, in-depth interviews and find out the needs, pains and expectations of your customers.

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