Analysis of Situation on Market of PVC Panels in the EU Countries

About the project

At the start of export activities, many Ukrainian companies face a lot of questions. What are the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses? What promotion tools are used? How to form an optimal price offer? Will the product / service be in demand? What are the conditions for a new player to enter the market? And many others.

Marketing research tools allow us to get answers to them. And large-scale and expensive research is not always required. For example, desk search may be the optimal solution. It is important to remember that the situation with the collection of statistical data in Europe is worthy of respect, and the analysis of information in the hands of an experienced analyst is invaluable.

In this case, the Yasno Research & Consulting Group team studied the situation on the PVC panel market in 9 European countries.

The focus was on the task of understanding in which countries the conditions for the entry of a new player would be more attractive, assessing the market size and return on investment.

Our solution

The solution was to conduct the desk search that covered an analysis of the situation in 9 countries of the European Union: Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Estonia.

The structure of the marketing research included the following blocks:

  • Market size by country
  • Market dynamics: production and consumption
  • Pricing
  • State regulation of the industry
  • Return on investment assessment
  • Barriers to enter the market
  • Market trends and prospects.

Based on the results of the study, macrotrends affecting the development of the PVC panel market and pricing were identified, the competitive environment was analyzed: market operators, product range, distribution channels, market positions, pricing policy, the most promising EU markets in terms of market size, level of demand for PVC panels, legal and tax conditions for doing business, and the best form of entry to the market was recommended.


Order a desk search to weigh the opportunities and risks of doing business in the EU.

In this project Yasno Research & Consulting Group team recommended to the client the optimal form of market entry and the most promising EU markets: in terms of market size, demand for PVC panels, legislative and tax conditions for doing business. Order the Desk Search study to find out the opportunities and risks of doing business in the EU.

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