Analysis of Situation in Market of Accessories for Smartphones

About the project

The stereotypical thinking in decision-making is being replaced by the understanding that buying behavior is a construction that requires careful handling and close attention.

By studying the consumers – their habits, dreams, fears, expectations and needs – the business enters a new dimension. And it is in this coordinate system that it is possible, at last, to “grope” the very springboard for a new round of development of a company or a brand.

The client – the chain of stores selling gadgets, and accessories to smartphones – contacted us with a request to conduct a study designed to understand the strategies of buying behavior when choosing protective glasses, cases and accessories for iPhones and smartphones of other brands.

Наше решение

To solve the problem, a quantitative survey was carried out which made it possible to answer the client’s questions.

How do customers choose protective glasses, cases, and accessories for smartphones?
Where do they buy accessories and how do they choose a place of purchase?
How is the service evaluated in smartphone accessories stores?
What are the purchase barriers, drivers, and triggers for different customer segments?

The study involved 829 respondents. The survey was conducted by face-to-face interviews in 8 largest shopping and entertainment centers in Kyiv.


Based on the study results, the map of the company’s market positions was presented as well as the information for further development in the positioning and promotion strategy taking into account the peculiarities of the obtained customer segments.

The study of consumer behavior when choosing and buying accessories for the iPhone and smartphones for Ukrainian retail leader.

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