Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Market

About the project

In Ukraine, it turned out that the “gas issue” is often very complicated and speculative. At the same time, the country has its own gas reserves, a gas pipeline with a length of 40.1 thousand km and 12 underground storage facilities with a total capacity of 31 billion cu.m. In addition, some technology solutions have been implemented, for example, new plants of small and medium capacity for gas liquefaction have been created. All this gives a powerful impetus to the development of various business projects in this area. One of these projects is the development of the LNG industry – the production of liquefied gas. This area is being actively developed in the world, but how to understand whether the direction will become promising in Ukraine? In order to develop an investment proposal, Yasno Research & Consulting Group conducted an in-depth market analysis and assessed the prospects for an investment proposal.

Our solution

The research was carried out by the desk search method.

To assess various environmental factors and to identify potential risks, the PEST analysis method was applied, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the area, to search for opportunities, and to assess threats, the SWOT analysis was used.

During the desk search, the situation on the global, European, and Ukrainian gas markets was analyzed.


The study examined the state of the global LNG market, current trends and forecasts, the situation in the gas industry and the gas market of Ukraine, the competitive environment, the volume and capacity of the domestic LNG market.

The following was also examined:

  • economic, ecological, and resource characteristics of the liquefied gas
  • the existing resources and technologies
  • the condition of the fields and gas pipelines
  • experience of LNG use
  • legal basis of the industry and the methods of the market regulation
  • immediacy of the issues of the green energy in the country
  • investment attractiveness of the project
  • availability of the LNG interested consumers
  • political, industry, regulatory, and economic opportunities and risks of the market

The results of Desk Search Analysis of the LNG market in Ukraine: current trends and forecasts, the SWOT analysis of situation development in the gas industry in Ukraine.

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