Analysis of Anti-migraine Drugs

About the project

What is common for many successful companies? Continuous product improvements, search for new sales markets, optimization of sales schemes, and system analysis at every stage will be surely included in the list.

At the same time, modern companies are increasingly realizing the importance of involving customers in a product at all stages – from initial development to implementation and after-sales monitoring.

In this project, the Yasno Research & Consulting Group team conducted the research for the global leading pharmaceutical brand. The main objective of the study was to monitor brand positions among the professional audience.

Our solution

The research method was a quantitative online survey. All studies of the profile audience of Yasno Research & Consulting Group are carried out with pre-recruiting. Recruiters receive screening requirements according to which they invite respondents to participate in the project.

In this project, neurologists who treat patients with migraine and have work experience of at least 5 years took part in the survey. In total, 23 physicians were involved in the research.

Apart from Ukraine, the research was conducted in Brazil, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, and Russia.


According to the results of the project, the analysis of anti-migraine drugs was carried out among neurologists: knowledge of brands, their use, assessment of their effectiveness, and analysis of the general situation with migraine in Ukraine were studied.

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Market analysis of drugs against migraine among neuropathologists and physicians. Interviews of a professional audience – doctors, pharmacists, pharmacists throughout Ukraine, in Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv.

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