Sociological Research

Public Opinion Research


⇒ Detection of the most important for people social, economic and political issues
⇒ Determination of people's confidence level to initiatives, programs, social and political institutions
⇒ Determination of people's satisfaction level with the activity of public and political organizations
⇒ Study of dynamics and basic tendencies of social, political, legal, cultural, ethnic, economic processes


⇒ Study of people's attitude to social, political, legal, economic, cultural, media events
⇒ Analysis of knowledge, attitude of target group to various social, political and economic events, real and planned social innovations
⇒ Study of ethnic, religious activity, tolerance, etc.
⇒ Study of value ideological and political orientations of society


⇒ Regional, stratified, sex-and-age patterns of life style
⇒ Monitoring of basic indices of people living standards


Political and Electoral Studies


⇒ Study of profile and preferences of voters: detection of values, beliefs, needs of voters
⇒ Electorate segmentation. Detection of individual leverage for specific segments
⇒ Detection of opinion leaders
⇒ Determination of loyal and unloyal voters to candidate/political party, risk of loss of electorate
⇒ Analysis of current and expected behavior of voters
⇒ Study of images of candidates/parties and the most important image-building characteristics
⇒ Study of image of candidate/party existing with the voters for the purpose of its improvement or correction
⇒ Detection of the ways to build up electoral potential of candidate/party


⇒ Detection of strengths and weaknesses of campaign strategies of competitive candidates
⇒ Analysis of electoral programs of competitive candidates/parties
⇒ Analysis of competitors' resources collection (media, administrative resources, etc.)
⇒ Analysis of weak and vulnerable points of competitive candidates/parties
⇒ Analysis of general concept and strategies of electoral campaign of competitive candidates/parties


⇒ Evaluation of alignment of political forces before and after election
⇒ Analysis of opportunities and risks of development of various market sectors formed by political environment
⇒ Detection of basic tendencies of development of social and political situation in connection with assumption of power by someone or other political force


⇒ Obtaining latest information according to the results of voting


⇒ Study of knowledge level, confidence level to candidate/party
⇒ Rating of candidates/parties
⇒ Detection of the most probable "last minute change of opinions"


⇒ Recommendations for choosing format, idea, design, communication channels


⇒ Overall evaluation of image and its components
⇒ Study of image over time
⇒ Comparative analysis of image, information activity and attractiveness of various political entities


⇒ Analysis of milestones in country development
⇒ Monitoring of political, electoral, economic situation
⇒ Media thematic monitoring

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