Marketing Research

Market Research


⇒ Evaluation of opportunities, scope and speed for competitors' market penetration
⇒ Evaluation of payback period
⇒ Evaluation of product and geographical boundaries of market
⇒ Analysis of influence of foreign economic market conditions and globalized competition
⇒ Analysis of factors connected with activity of governmental authorities
⇒ Evaluation of obstacles for market penetration


⇒ Evaluation of market size, market capacity and market share
⇒ Evaluation of return on investments
⇒ Evaluation of return on investments for companies planning the market penetration


⇒ Determination of vacant and/or most attractive market segments
⇒ Obtaining information about market geographical segments
⇒ Determination of price segments
⇒ Market structuring with regard to distribution channels, consumption volume, brand loyalty
⇒ Analysis of image niches
⇒ Optimization of brand position, selection of target segments


⇒ Reveal of actual and potential competitors
⇒ Determination of competitors' market positions
⇒ Analysis of advantages of competitors and their brands
⇒ Image of competitors' brands
⇒ Determination of nearest competitors in price segments


⇒ Identification of perspective locations for retailers
⇒ Selecting the effective locations for outdoor advertising
⇒ Assessment of the social and economical potential of the settlement


Distribution Channels Research


⇒ Study of presence of product category in various distribution channels
⇒ Study of product range and prices


⇒ Evaluation of location of distribution channels
⇒ Evaluation of quality of personnel work
⇒ Evaluation of quality of associated services
⇒ Monitoring of efficiency of available distribution channels
⇒ Analysis of distribution channel advantages and problem areas


Consumer Analysis


⇒ Study of level of consumer satisfaction with product/service quality
⇒ Determination of factors which have the greatest influence on product/service choice
⇒ Determination of ways of target influence on consumers


⇒ Understanding of peculiarities and motives of behavior of target audience
⇒ Study of interests, opinions, life style of target audience
⇒ Study of buying behavior
⇒ Determination of preferred sources of information and confidence level


⇒ Demographic, social and economic, psychographic segmentation
⇒ Determination of segments with regard to needs and motives to purchase
⇒ Segmentation with regard to behavioral attribute
⇒ Determination of segments with regard to buying situation and consumption
⇒ Search of key consumer segments


⇒ Forecast of consumer behavior at the specified configuration of a set of conditions
⇒ Reveal of product/service key attributes to which consumers give preference in the first instance
⇒ Determination of the best configuration of new or already existing products/services
⇒ Detection of hidden factors influencing the consumer behavior


Study of Satisfaction Level and Loyalty of Customers


⇒ Determination of factors which have the greatest influence on selection of supplier
⇒ Determination of degree of influence of company image, its brands/TMs on the level of satisfaction with company
⇒ Determination of ways of target influence on customers


⇒ Analysis of customers' buying pattern
⇒ Expenditure accounting for moving to a new supplier
⇒ Evaluation of brand/service from the point of view of needs which are satisfied with it and values which are present with the customer
⇒ Determination of attitude to brand/service/company
⇒ Study of price expectations, evaluation of readiness to pay for the premium price
⇒ Evaluation of loyalty to brand/service/company


Brand and Advertising Study


⇒ Determination of share of brand/TM believers
⇒ Detection of possible losses and gains of brand/TM
⇒ Determination of share of potential customers
⇒ Comparison of positions of brand/TM and positions of competitors


⇒ Analysis of perception of basic attributes of the brand and competitor's brand by targeted audience
⇒ Determination of importance of image characteristics to transform these perceptions into purposeful communication messages
⇒ Study of influence of brand image characteristics on the level of satisfaction with brand/service
⇒ Reveal of vacant image niches


⇒ Testing of product (flavor profile, visual appearance, packaging, etc.)
⇒ Determination of directions of product positioning
⇒ Selection of product target segment
⇒ Determination of perspectives for new product development


⇒ Determination of acceptable price range for brand/TM
⇒ Determination of the best price
⇒ Obtaining concepts of dynamics of consumers' price expectations


⇒ Determination of company communication channels for the medium term
⇒ Detection of communication channels compliance with the challenges solved
⇒ Evaluation of communication channels economic efficiency


⇒ Determination of the product actual cost in the eyes of consumers (blind test)
⇒ Determination of advertising efficiency
⇒ Testing of positioning concept
⇒ Determination of effect created with packaging
⇒ Detection of web site problem areas


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