Market Consulting Analysis

⇒ Obtaining the market comprehensive information which allows to determine the opportunities for company development
⇒ Analysis of ambient environment (analysis of political risks, foreign policy conditions, macroeconomic factors, influence of probable legislative changes on business processes, investment climate, relationships with foreign partners)


⇒ Detection of political, economic, social and technological aspects of ambient environment influencing the business processes


⇒ Ratings of brand/company awareness and confidence
⇒ Analysis of brand/company image
⇒ Monitoring of company reputation
⇒ Analysis of factors influencing the reputation
⇒ Development of reputation strategy


⇒ Audit of company marketing system
⇒ Examination of system of collection and use of marketing information
⇒ Provision of current information about decrease/increase of TM/brand awareness level, about efficiency of communications, about factors influencing the choice of brand, about advertising campaign effectiveness
⇒ Evaluation of effectiveness of advertising, marketing and PR campaigns over time with the help of tracking studies


⇒ Development/correction of marketing strategy taking into account the changes in consumers' behavior in case of decrease/increase of purchasing power, launch of new products/services, change of price for competitors' products/services
⇒ Creation of market penetration strategy for new products, brands
⇒ Creation of company TM/brands positioning/repositioning


⇒ Search of motivating stimuli for every target group
⇒ Brand/service promotion
⇒ Sales promotion (program for consumers, dealers, agents, sales departments)
⇒ Development of relationship marketing strategy

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