Fieldwork & Data Collection

⇒ Evaluation of foreign economic environment
⇒ Analysis of basic indices of economic redevelopment of Ukraine
⇒ Detection of short-term, medium-term and long-term economic risks
⇒ Principal directions of foreign policy
⇒ ВInfluence of budget, tax and credit and fiscal policy on economic development


⇒ Evaluation of influence electoral outcome on investment climate, relationships with foreign partners, regulatory processes, tax and labor legislation


⇒ Creation of materials for electioneerers and parties: thematic notes, articles
⇒ Creation of policy documents for candidate, party/block, including political platform
⇒ Development and implementation of voting technologies, electoral strategy
⇒ Copyright of image declarations of candidate/leader of political party/block, preparation of speech papers
⇒ Creation of slogans for election campaign of candidate/ political party/block

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