Social and Political Sector

The tools of Yasno Research & Consulting Group provide understanding of basic tendencies of social and cultural development of Ukraine, political moods and people's expectations and allow to solve specific social and political challenges.

Challenges Solved:


  • Evaluation of people's moods and expectations, attitude towards momentous events
  • Study of social and political situation, attitude towards social, political, economic events
  • Study of style and quality of life of people
  • Determination of people's satisfaction level with the activity of public and political organizations
  • Analysis of political and economic risks of business dealing
  • Determination of significant for the electorate problems of the region
  • Evaluation of pre-election situations, establishment of ratings of political and public figures
  • Research of electorate structure
  • Evaluation of results and consequences of election
  • Testing of campaign materials and evaluation of their efficiency
  • Reputation audit of activity of political parties, public and political figures
  • Evaluation of work of regional, municipal authorities

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