Consumer Goods Market

The studies of Yasno Research & Consulting Group aimed at comprehension of consumer behavior motives, determination of actual brand value, advertising efficiency enable the companies to take non-standard decisions with confidence and to promote brands within short time at various stages of their development.

Challenges Solved:


  • Determination of market volume and potential
  • Choice of optimal ways and channels to penetrate the market
  • Evaluation of competitive environment
  • Study of brand potential, health, and image
  • Evaluation of satisfaction level with brand
  • Study of consumer life style
  • Study of consumption situation and consumer motivation
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Testing of advertising concept and advertising products
  • Evaluation of advertising campaign efficiency
  • Testing of new products
  • Testing of band changes (packaging, taste, price, etc.)
  • Tracking studies relating to research of brand positions and advertisement knowledge

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