Case Study

  • Case Study
  • Ukraine in Numbers

  • 26.12.2020

    Buying Behavior and Health of Bicycle Brands

    The bicycle manufacturer wanted to plumb the depths of their consumer and the buying behavior. It was important to understand what the buyers expect, how they select the bicycles, how and where they effect a purchase, with whom they consult, what they pay attention to. The following was conducted during two months: мass survey – in-person interview with 1,201 buyers of bicycles for the last year, еxpert survey with 50 sellers of bicycles, 47 in-depth interviews with the buyers of the brands of the manufacturer and the competitors



    Awareness and Perception of Brand of Womenswear and Accessories

    Do the buyers recognize the brand? What is it associated with? Thanks to what does it stand out against the background of the competitors? Which way, in general, do the buyers make their choice? Under which circumstance do they effect a purchase?  To find the answers to these and many other questions, the Yasno Research & Consulting Group team conducted the focus-groups with the client’s brand consumers as well as with the competitors’ brand consumers.



    Analysis of Situation at Market of PVC Panels in the EU Countries

    Based on the research findings of Yasno R & C Group, the macrotendencies are determined influencing the development of the PVS panels market and the price setting, the competitive environment is analyzed, the most prospective EU markets are distinguished: in the context of the market volume, the level of demand for the PVC panels, the legislative and tax business environments



    How to Optimize Interaction with Clients in B2B Segment