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  • 24.04.2019

    Preferences of opera theater goers

    One of the largest national opera and ballet theaters of Ukraine experienced the period of drastic changes: constant premieres, attraction of young actors, update of sets and costumes, active advertising campaign. At the same time, there was a lack of information for development of the theater positioning and promotion strategy. In this regard, the decision was taken to conduct the poll of the theater goers and to find out their preferences and expectations



    Geomarketing research: search of potential locations for the network of fitness clubs

    The network of fitness clubs planned to entry into new markets, including Kyiv market. Taking into account that the fitness and sports services market of the capital city is developed and saturated, it became necessary to search for the locations which would be economically feasible. To solve the task, the geomarketing and competitive analysis of the fitness services market was carried out.



    Analysis of bicycle brands positions and buying behavior peculiarities

    BIСYCLE MARKET:  BRAND POSITIONS, CUSTOMERS BEHAVIORThe marketing research was initiated by the bicycle distributor who, under the conditions of the saturated market, faced the lack of information for elaboration of the strategy of company development and supervised brands promotion. As part of the research project, the experts of  Yasno Research & Consulting Group analyzed the strategies of bicycle buying, buying pattern, sources of information about models and brands of bicycles, brand health and brand loyalty, brand emotional perception, profiles of buyers of various consumer segments.




    Market analysis for launch of online weight loss courses