Quantitative Methods

The major advantage of the quantitative methods of study is the possibility to cover a wide variety of respondents and to apply the data obtained with respect to all Consumers and Clients.


Yasno Research & Consulting Group carries out the following types of quantitative studies in Ukraine and Russia:


The face-to-face interviewing method is based on the interviewer’s direct communication with a respondent using the structured questionnaire. Using the face-to-face interviewing, it is possible to obtain large amounts of information with a high degree of accuracy. During the face-to-face interviewing, any images, adblocks, logos, and other materials can be shown to the respondent.

Depending on the purposes of the study, Yasno Research & Consulting Group carries out interviewing:
- at the respondent’s place of residence,
- at the respondent’s place of business,
- street interviewing,
- point-of-sale interviewing,
- during exhibitions, conferences, and other professional events.


The method is intended to quickly receive information via the respondents telephone interviewing. The major advantages of the method – promptness of data acquisition and economic feasibility.

Yasno Research & Consulting Group carries out telephone interviewing using the CATI technology (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) thanks to which the reliability of the data obtained is increased eliminating the operator’s mistakes and the data are passed for processing by the analyst immediately after the latest interviewing. All operators work in the presence of the project manager and the field supervisor.


The purpose of hall-test is testing of the product, its packing, advertising materials. The method makes it possible to obtain in the shortest possible time the information about advantages and disadvantages of the product under testing, its advantages as compared to the competitors, properties requiring correction.

A significant advantage of the method is the possibility to evaluate not only visual information, but also auditory, olfactory, tactic, taste information as well as the combinations of them.

Yasno Research & Consulting Group carries out the following types of testing:
1. Blind Test (without the brand revealing) and Open Test.
2. Evaluation testing (one product) and comparison testing (several similar products).


The respondent’s home-test is carried out to study the consumer attributes of the product under the conditions close to the real consumption.

The method is efficient when testing new products because it allows the manufacturer to avoid mistakes when launching the product and to realize the efficient production, sales, and advertising programs.

Most often, the method is used when testing FMCG (hygiene items, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc.).


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