Quality Standards

Yasno Research & Consulting Group research projects quality control complies with the ICC/ESOMAR international quality standards relating to the acquisition and analysis of information:


  1. Quality control when developing sampling frame: sampling design is made by the specialists according to the methods of applied mathematical statistics.
  2. Tools quality control: all guidance materials undergo a mandatory testing.
  3. Field operations quality control: the work of every interviewer is controlled, a close control of respondents outsourcing is exercised.
  4. Obtained data quality control: telephone and address control of interviewing (minimum 40% questionnaires) and 100% control of logic of questionnaires filling in are exercised.
  5. Quality control at analysis stage: the data array is checked for data compatibility and integrity.



Quantitative study data analysis is made using the statistical analysis methods:


  • Factorial Analysis,
  • Cluster Analysis,
  • Dispersion Analysis,
  • Conjoint Analysis,
  • Multidimensional Scaling,
  • Correspondence Analysis,
  • Discriminative Analysis and others.

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