Qualitative Methods

The qualitative methods of studies allow to analyze the respondents’ behavior and motivation not only at the level of conscious reactions, but also to study the unconscious, non-verbal characteristics of consumer behavior.

Yasno Research & Consulting Group carries out the following types of qualitative studies in Ukraine and Russia:


Using the Focus Groups, it is possible to understand which products and services are preferred by the representatives of the target audience and why this choice occurs. The Focus Groups are often involved when developing the communication strategy, positioning of a product or a service for various consumer segments.

When conducting the Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviewing, Yasno Research & Consulting Group uses various psychological methods and projective techniques:association word, visual stimulus association, methods of completion of situation (completion of sentence, story, picture), expressive methods


To generate new marketing ideas, concepts, the Creative Focus Groups are arranged in which the specially selected respondents participate. In the course of the Creative Focus Groups, role playing/psychodrama and other psychological methods are used allowing to detect the underlying motives and obstacles with regard to a product/service.

When conducting the Creative Focus Groups, Yasno Research & Consulting Group uses a 3-step model of respondents selection:
1. Street or telephone interviewing of the target audience respondents.
2. The respondents testing for creativity.
3. Pretesting of the respondent’s identity and his/her emotional state.


In the course of the In-Depth Interviewing, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the motives of the respondent’s behavior and his/her attitude to various matters. The method is used to study consumer behavior, to develop new products, to forecast consumer reaction to various marketing programs.

Depending on the purposes of research, Yasno Research & Consulting Group carries out the following types of In-Depth Interviewing: Diads (two respondents) and Triads (three respondents) are carried out to interview small groups, e.g. family/married couple, working team, etc..


The main feature of Expert Interviewing is the expertise and occupational status of a respondent who knows the specifics of the matter in question.

The method allows to obtain information which is characteristic for a professional association and is used to obtain information relating to specific issues.


The method allows to evaluate the quality of service from the consumer’s point of view or to obtain information relating to the competitor’s activities. The information is gathered based on the pre-developed criteria by means of a personal visit or via telephone (Mystery Calling). The “buyers” are the specialists corresponding to the target audience of this market consumer (shop, service center, company office, etc.).

The results of the studies allow to improve the quality of service or, when conducting the competitive analysis, to adjust the customer’s price, assortment, service policy.


During testing, the user friendliness, effectiveness (orientation rate), and satisfaction level are evaluated.

In addition to the Internet users interviewing, Yasno Research & Consulting Group carries out extra expert interviewing in which the usability specialists participate that allows to obtain a complete idea of the product under testing and to eliminate possible mistakes.

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