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The cost of breakfast for the citizens of Kiev amounts 6% of their daily earnings

The average cost of breakfast (a mug of milk, an egg, two toast and fruit) in Western Europe amounts 1.7% of daily income, in Eastern and Central Europe - 3.3%. The highest cost is in Latin America: an average of 13.4% of daily earnings.

In general, according to the Breakfast index from Bloomberg, while the inhabitants of the developed world earn their breakfast for 5 minutes, it takes almost 9 hours in some countries of Latin America. (Bloomberg)


When economic growth in Ukraine happens, not many people will manage to feel it

Ukraine ranks 49th among 74 developing countries in the economic development inclusiveness index, which assesses the economic growth effect`s spread extent on all segments of the population.

Over the last 5 years, the inclusiveness of economic development has decreased by 6.8%. Negative influence is exerted by corruption, lack of investment and unfavorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship. ( World Economic Forum)


There are more than 5% of self-employed persons in Ukraine, about 8% are in Kiev

The highest proportion of self-employed persons has been recorded in South-East Asia (41%). In European countries, the proportion of self-employed persons is 14%.

The increase in the number of self-employed Ukrainians is facilitated by the development of e-commerce and marketplaces. Street food, delivery service, children's courses, outsourcing of domestic affairs, making of uniquely designed things and creative groups (outsourcing of marketing activities for small businesses) are expected to be in demand this year. (Gallup, Institute of Sociology of Ukraine).


Ukrainian ladies are increasingly selling the contents of their wardrobes